A Little About The Music Played
At Sandanzzz Ballroom Dances
Last updated:  8/17/2010
All of the music played at the dances at Sandanzzz
Ballroom is from compact disks.  You will not hear
downloaded or otherwise compressed music.  Maybe
it's our imagination, but compressed music just does
not have the fullness we want.  
Guaranteed to contain less than 15% Foxtrots.

For a overview of what you will hear, click here.
Every song is checked and, if needed,
edited to ensure the tempo, duration,
and volume are optimized for dancing.
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Who else is doing that for you?
Some Good Ballroom Music Sources:
The ballroom music played for Good Times Dance Club dances is not the stuff
you can find in the local music stores.  Good  
ballroom music CDs are made for
dancing and are almost always imported.  On-line sources include:
Learning resources, videos, and music!  
Canadian company, great selection, credit card orders go   
smoothly, and shipping time is not much greater than domestic.
We also use a lot of popular music, which can be bought anywhere, but
requires a great deal of screening and editing.
Every Saturday night ballroom dance at Sandanzzz Ballroom  
at least two musical selections for:
Foxtrot, Quickstep, American Tango, Waltz, Viennese Waltz,
Argentine Tango, Bolero, Cha Cha, Hustle or Disco, Merengue,
Mambo or Salsa, Night Club Two Step, Rumba, Samba, East
Coast Swing, and West Coast Swing
*   *   *
As of this posting, you will NOT get a selection that good at any
other open to the public venue in Northwest Florida
*   *   *   
See the Dance Tempi page for more details
Editing Wave File
Music Worth Recording
Comprehensive selection of dance-related
products including great selection of dance music.
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